Disney has released a mysterious teaser, offering us a restricted glimpse at what is to come for the live action reworking of Beauty and the Beast. Featuring the musical score that has been etched into our psyche, the teaser takes us inside the famous castle – which is empty, dust and cobweb ridden but with all the candles lit – as it freezes over under an enchanted spell. The front door creaks open and we hear two familiar voices who whisper to each other, questioning if the girl they discover inside is “the one”. We get a veiled peek at the girl in question, who is Belle, played by Emma Watson. We will have to wait patiently before we are given any more.

With over 91 million views in the first day, the tiny teaser for Beauty and the Beast has broken Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ record as the most viewed trailer in 24 hours. In these modern times where studios are criticised for releasing trailers that are more like a scene by scene synopsis for the entire plot, it is relieving to see a teaser trailer that is there to tease us and leave us intrigued to go and see more. The beauty of the trailer comes from the mystery, as it serves only to set up the magical, dark and romantic tone of the world.

The castle is a production designer’s delight, and from what we can see the film looks incredibly promising, but it might be best to hold off on judgement until we see a little more. What we do know is the film is directed by Bill Condon, and with a career as varied as his – from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2011 / 2012) to Mr. Holmes (2015) – it is difficult to preempt what he will do with the classic story. Though, as I learnt from last year’s Cinderella, the films are family friendly so I mustn’t get my hopes up that the live action version will be any darker than the animated original.

It might also be too soon to complain about the casting of Emma Watson as Belle, so I won’t do it. The film features Dan Stevens as the Beast, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere (the candlestick), Luke Evans as Gaston (the villain), Ian McKellan as Cogsworth (the clock) and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts (the teapot).

From what Disney has offered us so far, it looks to be one of the company’s precious modern gems. Here’s to hoping it won’t be a musical. Don’t get too excited as it’s not set to be released until March 2017. Watch the teaser for yourself below.


Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Disney castle in Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer

The Disney castle in the trailer for Beauty and the Beast