With a trailer released in May 2015 under the title ‘DxM‘, short for Deus ex Machina, followed by a year of inactivity and a recent re-release of the trailer following a name change, it’s safe to assume that MindGamers has had a lot of trouble securing itself a theatrical release. The big scale indie sci-fi thriller produced by relatively small Austrian company Terra Mater is so unusual in it’s concept and design that any major studio would consider it too risky – and that’s where it’s intrigue lies. A group of intelligent young students discover the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time: a wireless neural network, connected via a quantum computer, capable of linking the minds of every human being on Earth. They realise that this technology can be used to restore motor-skills to people who have lost the use of their limbs and make the technology widely available, believing they are prompting a new equality and intellectual freedom. However, they soon discover they themselves are part of a much greater experiment, at the hands of a sinister mastermind who desires to use the technology as a means of mass-control.

With his roles as a vampire in Daybreakers (2009) and none other than the antichrist in The Omen trilogy (1981), it is no surprise to see Sam Neill once again taking on the villainous role as the ominous ringleader behind the experiment. The film is fronted by the charismatic Tom Payne, who clean shaven with short hair looks almost unrecognisable from his role in The Walking Dead. The ensemble cast also includes Melia KreilingAntonia Campbell-HughesDominique TipperJulian BleachTurlough Convery, Ryan Doyle and Oliver Stark. Part science fiction, part action thriller and part art house, MindGamers looks so unique which makes a nice refreshing break from the production line of identical blockbusters. Though when you aim so left of field into uncharted territory you leave yourself open to mistakes, and though this is the fourth film for director Andrew Goth, it does have a first-time filmmaker feel of a recent graduate just finding their feet. It seems like Goth along with his co-writer got over excited at the opportunity – blending too many big ideas into one, but it’s uniqueness is something to be applauded.

MindGamers is set for theatrical release in the US in March, and no word as of yet for it’s release anywhere else. You can watch the trailer below.


Tom Payne in MindGamers

Ryan Doyle in MindGamers