Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey), down on his luck American middle-class man – sneaking off with his wife’s gold jewellery to the pawn broker to make ends meet, wakes up from a dream that he takes as a sign that there’s a gold mine in Indonesia he is destined to discover. He recruits Michael (Edgar Ramirez, of the recent Point Break revival) and the unlikely pair travel to the uncharted forest of Indonesia where, after many set backs, strike lucky and uncover 30 billion dollars worth of gold. Keeping the gold turns out to be harder than finding it – as everyone wants a piece, and a safe – housing 17 billion dollars worth of gold disappears – sparking an all out battle for Kenny to find it again.

Director Stephen Gaghan – in his largest scale project to date – seems to have crafted a part fun and light hearted adventure, part tense and grim drama of the American dream. The cast also includes Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) as Kenny’s wife, Rachael Taylor as his lover, Toby KebbelBruce Greenwood and Corey Stoll. McConaughey bared his soul in his Academy Award winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Now he bares his backside in the red band trailer. Greenwood, who plays a rival gold dealer, cops an unwelcome eye-full of Matthew McConaughey getting out of a hot tub completely naked.  McConaughey intentionally gained weight, Christian Bale style, for the role.

Gold is set to be released January 27th in the US and February 3rd in the UK. View the red band trailer below.


A naked Matthew McConaughey and an uncomfortable Bruce Greenwood in Gold

Edgar Ramirez Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Dallas Howard in Gold

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