Twentieth Century Fox have released a second trailer for the final stand-alone Wolverine film, Logan, and it features a great deal more action than the first. We are introduced to the strengths of the young X-23 (Dafne Keen), shop lifting and slitting men’s throats. Scored by Kaleo’s country inspired tune ‘Way Down We Go’, the trailer further explores the lengths in which robotic hand laden villain Donald Pierce (played by Boyd Holbrook) and his men are willing to go to steal X-23 from her protective surrogate father Logan (Hugh Jackman). Logan, with his best days now behind him, lives a wistful existence in an isolated country town somewhere. It is the near future, and Logan is coping with the loss of the X-Men due to the heavy destruction of the world at the hands of the corporation who is after X-23, leaving Logan’s healing powers and will power to slowly fade.

Even with a higher dosage of action, the film looks a lot less like a spin-off of the X-Men franchise and much more like an independent drama – evoking the tone of films like The Rover (2014) and Midnight Special (2016). The cast also includes Patrick StewartStephen Merchant and Elizabeth Rodriguez. This will be the second Wolverine project for James Mangold who also directed the second instalment. With a body of working spanning from biopic dramas Girl, Interrupted (1999) and Walk the Line (2005) to western crime drama 3:10 to Yuma (2007) it makes sense that Mangold has transferred the franchise to a more dramatic level. The extent of the central character’s despondence creates a depth that isn’t typically reached in superhero flicks.

Logan is due to be released theatrically on March 1st in the UK and March 3rd in the US. You can watch the first trailer here and the second trailer below.


Boyd Holbrook in Logan

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