Move over La La Land, there’s a new musical in town – and it’s R rated. The Polish-language adults only musical has been gaining a huge amount of traction due to it’s originality since it’s premiere at last year’s Sundance Film Festival where it won the Special Jury Award for Unique Vision and Design. In this genre-defying horror/musical, two mermaid sisters, Golden (Michalina Olszańska) and Silver (Marta Mazurek), are drawn ashore in an alternate 80’s Poland to explore the temptations of life on land. The fun-loving, man-eating mermaids come upon a family of musicians, who adopt them and they soon become a sensation of singing sirens at their nightclub. Silver falls for the handsome guitarist in the band (Jakub Gierszal), while Golden develops a hunger for human flesh. The resulting film, a debut for director Agnieszka Smoczynska, is sexual and murderous with an array of kitsch Eastern European pop songs scattered throughout.

The Lure has screened at festivals the world over and just received a limited theatrical release in the US, but there is no word as of yet for it’s UK release. You can watch the trailer below.


Michalina Olszańska in The Lure

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